Do you ever feel confused? Pulled in so many directions at one time that you cannot figure out what you are interested in or how it all could possibly fit together?

The great news is that it does all fit together because you fit together. You would not be the you that you are without all the fabulous bits that come together into the delightfully human you are.

See, you were designed this way. You have a purpose and a plan and your soul signed you up for ALL the challenges and opportunities you are experiencing.

However, it can feel pretty confusing and discombobulating until you finally understand what that plan really is.

Here are eleven tips to help you find your true calling and understand your spiritual master plan:

1. Pay close attention to your deepest, most secret most inner longings. They are the voice of your soul, calling you to the exact right place where you belong. For example:

  •  Do you dream of being on stage?
  •  Writing a bestselling novel?
  •  Producing a life-changing film?
  •  Changing the way people think about their spirituality?

Pay attention to these. You are not just fooling yourself. Your soul knows what it knows. You would not be called to it if you did not have it in you. If you are called to it, it is part of your purpose.

2. Track the challenges in your life and unravel the common threads. Your challenges are your instructors. They show you the places you need to heal and grow so that you are able to become who you are meant to be. Are you struggling with: Finding your sense of self-worth? Trusting the Universe and trusting others? Feeling bombarded by life and like nothing works out for you? These clues tell you about what you need to work on, what you are here to teach other people what you have chosen to master in this lifetime

3. Build a relationship with your Higher Self. When you pay attention to those yearnings, also ask your higher self for guidance. She embodies who you are, even if you do not yet consciously grasp the enormity of your brilliance.  By strengthening that relationship with your Higher Self, you strengthen that brilliance inside you. What admirable traits do you have?  Is it Wisdom?  Beauty?  Kindness?  Serenity?

4. Write a list of what is most significant to you. Be truthful with yourself. Think broader than simply a job. Is your family most significant? Your religious faith? Financial security? Ask yourself what you want to be remembered for. Your true priorities should direct your search for your true calling.

5. Write a list of what you enjoy doing and a list of what you do well. Look for overlaps. For example, if you love music and you are a skillful guitarist or vocalist, your calling might be connected with music.

6. Ask other people who know you well what they think you would be best suited at doing. Do not take their advice as the final say-so, but consider their input carefully.

7. Put down what you are presently disgruntled with. What would you like to see change?

8. Consider the needs around you. How do current needs and openings correlate with what you have to offer? Who could benefit from your talents, passions, and abilities?

9. Take a personality assessment and career aptitude test.

10. Consider multiple chances of finding and living out your true calling. For some individuals, it may be a job, but for other people, it may be volunteer service. Still, others view their duties within their families as their means of carrying out their true calling.

11. Do not be afraid to try something new. Finding your true calling often involves trial and error. Take a chance and launch out into something you suspect might be your true calling. You may just succeed and discover greater satisfaction and purpose in your life. Even if you fail, you can learn more about yourself and which avenues you should pursue in the future.

Finding your true calling can mean different things to different people. The basic premise is your personal satisfaction with what you are doing. The process of discovering your true calling can take time, effort and even risk. Although it is not necessarily easy, you can follow some basic steps to make achieving this goal more accessible. These are powerful hints that guide you to who you really are at the core. Cultivate them.