Helping YOU find your “P”

Passion, Purpose, Path, Prosperity



Michaelle Beauzile is a natural entrepreneur with a magnetic approach to making a difference in peoples’ lives.  She has already achieved measurable success in various fields over the past 15 years. From her experience in Human Resources, Training, Health and Safety, and Customer Service, she brings her special talents to her next venture—building wealth and teaching others to do the same through Real Estate investment—combining her passions for people and real estate.

She is currently the owner and founder of a successfully operating healing center and coaching practice in Panama.  The center runs powerful events, courses; and private sessions.

As a licensed and accredited, “Heal Your Life®” Workshop Leader and Coach, Michaelle has created Heart Centered Solutions to provide a safe space for personal healing and growth.


Michaelle is learning-based and solution-oriented. A true “fixer-upper” of businesses she sees them through to running independently and successfully; and, she is forever learning about business and mindful practices.

Constantly getting certified in all that helps her life and the lives of others is a mark of her philosophy. She is a certified Reiki Master, Intuitive and Prosperity coach, public speaker and, of course, a business owner. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and current business owners reconnect with their true self, their passion, and purpose; and, undoubtedly, she is all about people.  Her alternative approach to doing “mindful business” is the highest of business value systems. She holds herself and those she works with to the highest standards–always.

As a natural leader, Michaelle has always held leadership positions to help individuals reach their highest goals personally and professionally.  What makes Michaelle a natural leader is a belief that we are all amazing human and Divine beings; and, that by living the Truth of who you are will result in tremendous prosperity for you.


Michaelle’s “team leadership” spirit is to inspire one to live happier, healthier lives and to personally discover their magnificence while building your business for profit.

She works to empower you to realize your true potential and to uncover your authentic self through a series of simple, yet effective life-changing techniques such as guided meditation, visualization, affirmations, goal setting and industry recognized coaching techniques.  When working with business owners, her HR background helps them to understand the value of “hiring right for growth”. That is her primary goal in building businesses.

Michaelle leads by example.  Her dedication to excellence shows up in all she does and her values and those of business professionals line up perfectly.