Keller Williams Realty (KW) is the company I chose to align myself.  There are many reasons for this; however, for the present time, I will just outline the major ones.

Entrepreneur Base:  I have owned my own business for several years. I have always loved real estate. I am a real estate investor. When I moved to Panama I attempted to become an agent, but there was no structure! It seems that all I heard was “you are on your own” or “bring the money”. There was no support, no learning—” NADA”!  That did not work well for me as I am a very structured kind of person.  So, my husband and I proceeded to open our Bed and Breakfast/Wellness Center.    However, when I heard that Keller Williams was starting in Panama, my heart jumped and I knew I had to go back to my passions –Real Estate investing, selling, training and coaching!  I often feel that many people are slaves of their business or just think about real estate as only a JOB (Just Over Broke).  KW is different. At KW, one learns how to operate a perpetual real estate business which you can easily sell or leave to your family.  I believe that the real purpose of a KW business is to find the perfect life, whatever that might be for YOU.

Training:  Hands down, KW offers the best training for both the beginner and the experienced real estate agent.  In fact, Gary Keller notes that we are “actually a training company thinly disguised as a real estate sales company”.  KW not only teaches you how to sell, get listings and help your buyers— it trains you in how to run a business!  KW teaches you to put the client ahead of your own commission.  It teaches you the importance of making sure that all parties come out ahead in a transaction.  At KW, we learn how to utilize the best techniques with today’s technology.  We learn how to prospect, so that we can always generate business, no matter how the economy is doing.  Most importantly, KW teaches us about leverage and systems.  The values and culture of this company reflect my own; and, now it is my time to go back and help others reconnect with their real estate passion through training, coaching, and leading by example.

Best Commission split:  Every agent at KW begins on the same commission split –70/30.  It doesn’t matter if you sell only 1 house or 100 houses a year–we all begin at the same commission level; and yet, we all have the potential to move from this 70% to a 90% or to a 100% commission split every year when we meet our CAP— the annual sales goal set by the KW Region!   This is a great personal and monetary incentive!

Masterminding:  At KW we regularly meet to mastermind different aspects and new challenges that we, as Realtors. face each day.  However, through our MAPS coaching program, Mega Camp, and Family Reunion conferences, we can mastermind with the top producers of KW around the world.  Together we can share new systems, new sources of business and can learn how to dominate our niches.  We also learn about passive income and how to create a residual income that flows into our bank account every month. For me–This is Gold!!!

Profit Sharing / Growth Share:  Keller Williams Real Estate is the only company which offers this type of agent compensation model.  Nearly half of the profit brought into a Market Center (office KW model) is shared among the agents who have helped that Market Center grow.

Agent led Company:  Each Market Center has an Agent Leadership Council (ALC).  This council is composed of the top agents in the office. Every agent in the office is assigned to an individual council member who becomes that agent’s representative. You can ask your agent representative for help, for guidance, or, simply to air a grievance.  The flip side is that you, as an agent, will also be asked to contribute in some manner.  You may be asked to teach classes if you excel at a skill.  You may be asked to have newer agents shadow you on an appointment.  If you come from a “contribution and abundance” mindset then you will thrive in this type of setting.  If you have a “scarcity mindset” then you might not feel comfortable!

Nonetheless, these are some of the main reasons why I chose Keller Williams.  When you decide to join Keller Williams you will go through a career visioning process, your team leader will be there to help you create a plan for the career/business you want.  Your team leader will take the time to listen to you, to hear what is important to you, and will ask you questions about how you wish to run your business to see if KW is a good fit for you.

Keller Williams is not for everyone– but if what you read resonates with you please contact me today and see how you can join our international real estate team (both beginners and experienced Realtors are welcome)!

Looking forward to talking with you.  Contact me here and leave your comments below.

To your prosperity