We Catalyze

You bring your desires and I bring my rocket boosters. We get those dreams so high up off the ground, you won’t believe how small you were thinking when we started.

You bring your stories and I bring the best BS detector. I promise to tell you things no one else would dare.

You tell the truth (even if it feels scary or weird) and dare to be/say/do what’s radical, authentically you, and I make sure you know – for good now – that who you are is so much more extraordinary than who you pretend to be.

I challenge you and laugh with you. Sometimes you’ll love coaching, and sometimes you’ll hate it. Always, you will know that there is one person who sees you completely, believes in you fully, and knows deep down how truly powerful you are.

Work with me, and your life will transform.

My Coaching Philosophy

Researching the true nature of Power has been a central theme of my life. I’ve lived life on the edges, in extraordinary environments, working with and learning from some of the world’s top teachers, trainers, coaches.

My mission is to pass on that wisdom and get visionary leaders operating at fuller capacities, with more ease, to maximize their impact and well-being.

How We Work

We work together one-on-one for between 6 months and a year; anything less is not enough to create lasting change. Your coaching package will be highly personalized to your specific goals and desires. Coaching is done face-to-face or online via Skype or Zoom.  Coaching session can be recorded if you want for your review only.

Your Investment

More importantly, my client invests their time, their energy and their full openness to growing in all areas of their lives.

My coaching is not for everyone.

For those who say YES! And to whom I say YES! I say this: YOUR LIFE WILL CHANGE. WHEN YOU COMMIT TO CHANGE, CHANGE HAPPEN!

When you are ready, contact me here to request a powerful conversation.