Do you know what you are passionate about? Is there anything in your life that makes you feel genuinely good, Excited, alive, and turned on? If not, either you have not found your life passion yet, or you are disregarding it.

Our passions are what give life its juice. To discover your passion, and follow up on it is one of the better ways you are able to use your time. Even if you do know what you genuinely love, many of us feel that it is selfish to spend time and energy on doing things ‘just for fun.’ We believe we should be serious and responsible, and spend our time working hard at accomplishing goals. We feel worthy and virtuous when we attend to endless tasks and slave away at tasks we detest. We feel ashamed about spending time on things that make us feel alive and happy. What a messed up way of looking at things!

Doing what makes you happy is not frivolous or selfish- it is smart. Being pleased makes you healthier, more productive, and nicer to be around. In addition, whom are you actually helping by working yourself into the ground doing things that do not satisfy you?

Does anybody truly benefit from the fact that you have an alphabetized spice rack, work fifty hours a week, and say ‘yes’ to so many requests that you have no energy to give to any of them? Do these things make you happy?

If not, it is time to check how you are spending the treasured minutes and hours of your life. When is the last time you spent a couple of hours doing something that made you feel genuinely alive? That made the time fly past, and left you feeling stimulated instead of ran out?

It may have been a while, but if you actually give it some thought, you will probably come up with something. If you genuinely cannot seem to find your passion, there are a couple of ways you are able to figure it out.

One way is to experiment. Try some fresh activities. The only way you will find out what you love doing is by doing it. Who knows, you may discover a passion for ballroom dance, writing poetry, or bird watching.

Next, you need to find additional small ways to search for your passion and include it in your life. How about making cards for birthdays and other occasions? Flirt with joining an art class, or decorating your personal space. I bet that a beautiful collage above your desk would bring you more joy than perfectly tidy desk drawers.

As you find your passion and more time and ways to activate it, you become happier. This makes others happier too. Who’d you rather see each day at breakfast, somebody bored and frustrated, or somebody filled with enthusiasm?

Whether your passion is for protecting the environment, baking cookies, singing, teaching, or predicting the stock markets, pursuing it will definitely give you opportunities to benefit other people by sharing your creations or knowledge. It may also open up possibilities for following your life passion as a job.

So, find your life passion, and go for it with your whole heart. Time spent doing what you love will never be time wasted.