Everywhere we look in nature, we can see evidence of immense abundance.  Stars are innumerable, as are grains of sand.  The universe is more vast than the human mind can comprehend.

The power that created this incredible cosmos also created you and me.  We humans consist of the same intelligent energy that governs the rest of our earth and the entire universe.  This loving energy is available to us all.  We can tap into this force and use it to realize our full potential and to help others, creating the prosperous life and the world that we desire.

We harness this great energy by first becoming aware of it.  It is as natural as our own breath, and it is everywhere and in everything.  This energy surrounds us like the ocean surrounds a fish.  Indeed, it is the stuff of the universe.

Natural laws direct this force.  For our purposes, we call them The Universal Laws of Prosperity.  The prosperity Laws have been passed down as success secrets throughout the ages.  They make sense from a logical standpoint, and for many, they will also resonate as truth on a much deeper level.

We call these natural laws “secrets” because society generally teaches us to think in terms of lack and limitation.  Thus, the wisdom presented by these success principles may at first seem foreign or unnatural.  But once you become aware of the Universal Laws of Prosperity and begin to use them, a more prosperous and fulfilling life awaits you.  This abundant life is your natural birthright.