cocleSome seven thousand hotel rooms will need to be built in the province of Coclé and neighboring towns in central provinces to meet the tourist demand brought on by the construction of Scarlet Martinez International Airport, located in Río Hato.

This project is an excellent business opportunity for locals in Coclé, and as part of this promotion of national and international tourism, they are trying to coordinate domestic flights between Río Hato and destinations in Bocas del ToroChiriquí, and other provinces.

From its very start, this project has sought to boost the region’s tourism development and increase the number of jobs available in this industry. Official sources state that the project, which looks to place Coclé on the world map, will become a reality in September.


Rafael Bárcenas, director of the Civil Aviation Authority, said the airport is 76% completed and will be delivered on September 30th.

He affirmed that the airport “will completely open” and that is why it is important that the region begin preparing itself for this opportunity to offer something interesting to tourism. “There are already many hotels, but more are needed,” he emphasized.

“We have already begun the transition in human resources with Tocumen, since they will be responsible for managing the hiring process,” said Bárcenas, adding that the airport expects to contract around 150 people, excluding taxis, buses and other service providers who will be gradually recruited.

He mentioned that in Coclé many people can speak English, which is a very important language to know in a province that will receive international visitors at its airport.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that more training is still needed, since in addition to knowledge of the English language, human relations and good service skills are necessary. Another requirement for the personnel hired to work at the airport is that they are residents of Coclé or other central provinces.